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We continuously support the Hagibor Social Care Facility, one of the major projects of the Prague Jewish Community, inaugurated in 2008. The main goal of this project is to provide a wide range of social services for elderly. This includes pleasant accommodation, nursing and social care, quality meals, social and therapeutic programs, individual and group activities. Special emphasis is laid on an individualized caring approach to clients and the human dignity of each of Hagibor user is a priority even during unfavorable life situations.



Photo: Karel Cudlín


We continuously support the Complex home care EZRA (further as “KDP EZRA”).
KDP EZRA provides integrated form of social and health care which aims to:
– Eliminate urgent or chronic adverse life situation.
– Support independence, self-sufficiency and activation of the clients of its services.
– Support of life of its clients in their own homes as long as possible, according to clients´ condition. Such support is provided as possible of safe.



We continuously support the purchase of aids that make life easier and helps to the caretakers.
We help ensure the availability of home care aids.






Special bed on Hagibor








We supported the seminards of Fondation for holocaust victims.

We supported the seminars aimed at the workers in social, medical and psychological services of Jewish communities lead by foreign lecturer organised by The Foundation for Holocaust Victims.
We have been supporting the seminars since 2016. The participants find the seminars as a great benefit and inspiration for further work with survivors and their families. Martin Auerbach, the national clinical director of AMCHA in Israel, for example, focused his seminar on emotional burden and challenges associated with work in helping professions when working with Shoa survivors. Whereas a lecturer Maggie Gad, a director of the community programme of JDC Eshel from Israel, introduced various creative programmes for the survivors, that are aimed at their specific needs. Another lecturer, who attended the seminars, was Moshe Teller from Jewish Care London. Moshe gave a lecture on the Holocaust and its influence on the lives of the survivors and the way Holocaust projects to everyday life in the old age, its impact on relations in the families, especially to relations with the children of survivors. FOTOGALERIE


We supported JAS Agency, an agency associated to Brno Jewish Community through The Foundation for Holocaust Victims.

JAS Agency is a provider of day care services. The main aim of the Agency is to prevent social exclusion of the clients – the Holocaust survivors. Through this service the clients can remain in the environment of their home for the longest possible time. The activities include visits to the clients in their homes as well as in institutions, care services within client’s homes, social work, operation of the Senior’s Club, exercising and memory training, running of the errands for the clients, transportation of the clients to see the doctors and to visit various other institutions.



 We supported TIKVAH, the home care agency run by Ostrava Jewish Community through The Foundation for Holocaust Victims.
Tikvah Home Care Agency focuses on fulfilling the complex needs of the Holocaust survivors. The service is provided within client’s homes and supports the clients in a way that they can stay in the environment of their home, even though they are in demanding life situations connected with old age, loneliness, diseases or disability. The Agency enables the survivors to live a dignified life and participate in common everyday life situations. Tikvah supports the provision of basic everyday needs, social advisory services and develops personal skills of the clients through activation and educational programmes, which support their integration to general society.

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